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Midi Merge function


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I'm laying a drumbeat down one layer at a time in cycle record mode.. I have all the parts that I want and now I want to repeat the region. For some reason when I drag out the region (to repeat) it only has the last part in it which in this case is the snare. The original region has all the drumkit parts and plays them all together for that one measure.


When I click on piano roll I only see the single snare part as well. I've tried selecting the region and using the "merge" function but this didn't do anything noticeable.


How can I get all these separate parts on one layer? These 3 parts all should occur in the same measure.






Somehow I was able to serarate the 3 midi parts.. the quest now is to glue them together.


Edit 2:


Weird.. after I separated them I tried dragging the regions together 1 at a time and the merge function worked. IE merge part 1 and 2, after successfully merged, merge part 3 onto new part.

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