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What's wrong with MIDI learn?


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I just bought a BCR2000 controller and was testing MIDI learn and something weird is happening.


I go into Logic, bring up the Learn panel, go into Learn mode. Touch the low-gain control on my 914 fixed filterbank plugin, then touch one of the rotary encoders on the BCR2000.


It claims to have learned it. Watching MIDI Monitor I can see the BCR2000 smoothly sending MIDI CC values as I turn the encoder across it's range. It continues to send 127's at the top and 0's at the bottom as the encoders are endless.


But I get some very weird s#!+ from Logic.


Sometimes it ignores the message. Sometimes I get a very rough approximation of the movement, i.e. I will turn it and nothing will happen and then logic will jump the parameter some way, and sometimes it seems to treat it as a toggle and jump between on and off at roughly half the encoder range.


Watching the MIDI data from the BCR2000 I can see nothing wrong.


If I learn a control to the volume fader of a channel strip I get something different and equally screwed up. I made a video of that here:




(Please ignore the page around the video, it's the default created by QT)


You can see how the volume fader mapping just doesn't work. Yet I went into Ableton Live and made the same mapping and it works flawlessly.


Anyone else seeing these kinds of problems? Or know why I might be?



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I hate to tell you this, but I have tried so many times to get my Oasys to just act as a channel strip volume controller without success that I gave up.

I don't think that Logic "Learns" anything. This part of Logic is my only frustration with the program.


Other posters have said midi learn is easy, but I have NEVER had any good results with my Oasys.

I finally bought MC Control and it works well.


I sure would like to have the other sliders on my Oasys, but it is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

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