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Possible to decrescendo velocity by percentage?


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Say you have 50 notes over 4 bars, and you want to scale the velocity by percentage to decrescendo from the first note (vel 95) to the last note (vel 5), but you want to keep the overall velocity differences in the performance. In other words, you don't want the velocity to decrescendo in a straight line without any feel. In DP, this is a piece of cake. I've been hunting for this in the Transform window, but can't figure out if it's possible. Thx.
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I think this is what you want:


1. Open your sequence in the Piano Roll.

2. Enable View>Hyper Draw>Velocity.

3. Click-hold the position in the Hyper Draw editor that you want the decrescendo to start from, and then release the mouse button. This enables the Line Tool function.

3. While holding CMD, click the position where you want the decrescendo to end.


All the note velocities should now be scaled to the line you just drew. If you don't hold CMD, all note velocities will be placed on the line. If you hold shift (with or without CMD), only selected notes will be affected.


Another useful function in Hyper Draw, is compressing and expanding selected velocities by click-dragging vertically from either above or below the velocity points. Dragging up expands, while dragging down compresses.



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