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Flexed region gone awry

camillo jr

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There, I may be the first poster to use "awry" in the subject line. Strange flex thing happening here......


I have an acoustic guitar track with three regions on it. I've enabled flex but the third region has sped up, gone all compressed without any editing or quantization applied. What's happened here? There's a blue line too which I haven't seen before in flexed regions.


When I uncheck flex in the inspector, the region plays goes back to it proper length. Unfortunately, that's the part that could use the most editing. Is there a way to get this flexed region to behave?



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No but there were tempo changes put in place before the guitar was recorded. I just had a look at some of the unused guitar regions on subtracks and I can see that some but not all of those have this same glitch. In one instance the performance has been expanded into the blank end of the region. It too snaps back into place when I uncheck flex for that region.


Can't really see a pattern to this except that Flex just might not like tempo changes. I'm going to try gluing the whole guitar track together sans flex and do another detection and see what happens.

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Now I have this wonky flex thing happening on another track. Many regions on the track and again, some affected others not. This time, when I check box flex for the region you can see that the whole file has moved later into the region. You'll have to make allowance for the sreenshot differences but the audio does get moved within the region with no quantization or flex editing.


I wonder if flex doesn't like tempo changes which are in place before a region gets analyzed for transients??



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