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Logic Express 8 is giving me an error message (timestamps)


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Each time I try to import a BWAV file into Logic Express 8 and adjust to its original record position, this error message appears:


The stored timestamp of 1 region(s) exceeds the limits of this project.
Wrong SMPTE offset?


What do I do in order to avoid this error message and actually get these files to their original timestamps?



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My apologies. The files were recorded in a Mackie SDR 24/96 as regular wave files. The frame rate is 30 fps. When we load the files into Digital Performer 6, we are able to snap them to their original timestamps, however, we absolutely do not want to use DP 6.


Then I'm assuming you know the SMPTE value of the timestamps. Just make sure it falls between Logic's project start and project end markers...

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