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Plugin recommendations for extremely 'spacey' pad sounds?

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Hi All


I have recently migrated from Windows and the VST format, I have found so many wonderful alternatives for my old plugins but there is one area I have slipped up on;


. Firstly a developer called Krakli designed a plugin called Cygnus which looked like a Nebula and sounded quite unlike anything I have ever heard before.


The second was a developer called Algomusic who made a range of 'space synths' - which once again made some very wonderful and very unusual sounds.


I have some understanding of sound synthesis now but these things sounded so far out I have no idea how to duplicate the results with Logic's built in synths.


Therefore I am asking if anyone has any alternative AU recommendations [free or commercial] that create rather fantastic evolving pad sounds [anyone making 'space music'?


I look forward to hearing from you :)



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omnisphere is great...covers much ground...needs a little exploration and stripping down of the more complex sounds to have them sit in a mix...but for atmospheric, soundtrack stuff, where mixes might be more open, big omnisphere patches can shine


the atmosphere library is also included and that still contains some of the most beautiful sounds...also symphony of voices is in there...lovely choir stuff


alchemy is also a great option...love this synth...has a bit more of an open policy than omni, allowing for sample import and groove locked arps (omni has these but only tied to it's own 'stylus'


alchemy also has the performance pads and controls and is cheaper


preset user...go omni....alchemy for 'roll your own'


having said all of that , spacey sounds can come from anything...you load up any sound you like , filter out the frequencies to sculpt a sound you like....whack up the attack....stick space designer and tape delay or delay designer on a bus and you're sorted

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