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Multi-Instrument Latency Problems


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I have created a multi-instrument to run my Triton sounds through Logic. The port on the multi is set to my interface, and i have an aux with the triton audio in and output to 'stereo out'. But i am getting the sounds twice, a fraction of a second apart. If i mute the stereo out or the aux i get one sound.


Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?

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Yeah it is. I've got 16 separate tracks in Logic assigned to the 16 MIDI channels from the Korg and im getting only the correct sound for each channel through, but im getting it twice.


One is going through the aux and then stereo out. I can mute that and im left with one crisp sound, but i need it going through the stereo out so i can record it! I need to know where the other sound is routed too so i can delete/mute it.

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Triton is connected to a Saffire Pro 24 via MIDI and audio ins. Saffire Pro 24 is connected to iMac via firewire, and also audio outs to speakers.


What it seems is Im getting one signal going straight though logic and out of the speakers without logic capturing it. And one signal Im routing though the stereo out of logic, to capture it, which Im assuming is the sound thats a fraction of a second later.

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