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Any Dance Music Producers in seattle or stateside?


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Hi All, I believe this might be my first post here in the Logic Pro forums. I've been reading this site for months now and have learned a great deal so thanks to all of you that have made it such a priceless resource. ESPECIALLY the moderators. Not only do you cats keep the peace but you contribute a great deal. Kudos to all of you.


I'm wondering, are there any dance music producers in Seattle or state-side on this forum?


I'm based out of Seattle and am looking to collaborate and work with other producers. I mainly work with House Music in all it's genres but I'm open to experiment.


If you're interested, PM me here. you can check out some of my work at www.mikiahfender.com I don't have any Logic tracks up yet (all are done in reason) but thanks to this forum, I will soon.



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