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Marking Where Notes Are Struck On The Piano Roll


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This is kind of an insane question, but I was thinking about it today and I would really like it if this idea were a real function in Logic.

I have Logic Pro 8, and I record a lot of solo music solely based off of what I play first with the guitar while using a metronome. I enjoy this style and create music I really appreciate and am proud of. But I was wondering; what if I just recorded my guitar through my Mbox without paying attention to the metronome and then built up a song with the rest of the instruments as software instruments.

Now, because I disregarded the metronome, and therefore all around tempo (I change tempo constantly as I produce avant-garde music that translates as such for me), I would like to know exact points at which I struck notes on my guitar (or basically where the peaks in frequency are created on my audio recording).

Being able to know these specific locations within the song would be greatly helpful for filling in the piece with the other instruments; I would be able to fill in empty space to create a more interesting flow, or I could strike notes at the same time as the notes I played on my guitar.


After all of that, are you able to understand what I'm trying to say? If not please say so and maybe I can explain better.


Basically what I want is a way to determine the exact points in which notes are played from audio signals.

I can see this being something that Logic Pro 8 may not be capable of though as it is probably a tricky thing to accomplish with the program.


Thank you if you can help.

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Many people work the way you're describing. In addition to Christian's suggestion, you can use beatmapping to derive the tempo, either from the audio itself or from the MIDI resulting from doing an audio to score.


Sometimes it's easiest to create a temporary MIDI track, tap in the beat with a MIDI note while listening, then beatmap to that.

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Thank you everyone. It seems as though it was easier than I thought. And I'm glad to know that many people operate the same way; I love coming to realizations like that.

I have one more question pertaining to your answers:


How do you use beatmapping? How do you access it?

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How do you use beatmapping? How do you access it?


It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of. I think several people have written about it on here; do a search, and also check the manual for lots more tips.


If we answered the "how to" question here, we'd just be retyping what is already in those places. :)

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