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EXS and transient markers


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Hi all


The manual isn't so clear...


Ok, so when I load up a sample into EXS, double click to open the sample in the floating sample editor I notice I'm able to turn on the transient markers and edit...I was wondering if I'm also able to directly map those transient regions into the current EXS sampler without having to do it n the arrange page and choosing audio > convert regions to new sampler track?




Thanks in advance

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Well I'm not sure it's flex time related. I'm referring to the transient markers in individual samples when you open them from the exs editor.



Basically, how can I get those transient regions mapped into exs without having to drag and drop an audio file into the arange > audio > convert to sampler instrument?


See image.



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Sorry but I don't understand what you mean when you say "get those transient regions mapped". What exactly are you trying to accomplish?


Basically trying to do a "convert regions to new sampler track" without loading a sample into the arrange window. Just straight from exs24 > open sample editor> turn on transient editing mode.


I wonder if it's possible because when you open your sample in the sample editor from exs editor you can turn on the transient editing mode.


I'm trying my best to explain myself.lol :oops:

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