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Upgrade to Logic studio Help


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I've been using logic pro 8 since it came out, (got it part of logic studio) and i just bought the logic studio upgrade today so i can run logic 9, aswell as mainstage etc.


Ever since i put snow leopard on my mac i've had quite a few crashes with logic, when it crashes it gives me the report that it's due to my 'camelPhat plugin' but sometimes it doesn't say it is that.


The guy in the apple shop said i would be best to totally uninstall logic studio 8, then reinstall it, then install my logic studio upgrade, then reinstall my plugins e.g soft synths etc

He said that logic was probably crashing due to some things not being built for snow leopard, like my plugins.


I was just wondering what anyone thought of this? Is it worth while, am i likely to encounter any problems or would i be best just leaving it as it is and installing my logic studio upgrade over the top as it already is?


Thanks for any help or guidance, really appreciated.



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