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I have a question regarding hyperdraw. If I have a long midi region, with some information for both mod and volume, and I want to cut a bar somewhere in the middle, let's say bar 29, then all hyperdraw information up until bar 29 is still there, but the hyperdraw information after bar 29 is all gone. At least, it's gone until there was a new point of hyperdraw information, as in a dot. Is there a way that Logic remembers the exact hyperdraw info from the moment you cut the region? Because this takes forever now; going through all the regions, and put a little dot in both mod and volume at the bar before I'm gonna cut.





Logic 8.02

Mac pro 10.5.8

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This works correctly here in both v8.0.2 and v9.0.2. (OSX.6.1)


In the attached pic, 1 region with both CC7 and CC1 copied to a second track so you can see both.


Copy both regions to the right, split by playhead and separate the regions a tad.


Result: Nodes at the end of 1 region and at the start of the second.








EDIT... pic format changed


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CCT, Logic never adds MIDI events when splitting regions. What you're seeing is Logic adding nodes to the "Hyper Draw" display of the MIDI events - the MIDI events don't change.


CCT, I can't see your screenshot (I don't think .tif is a supported image format on the web), but... make sure the automation line is horizontal where you split the regions. Logic will not automatically come up with the nodes upon splitting. I'm assuming (blind, really) you have slanted automation lines at the split point. That's an entirely different situation as the points you think Logic "adds" are already there, Logic is only taking care of the display with nodes and lines.

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