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Slice to exs and loop every sliced sample?


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Did a search but can't find anything exactly like what I need.


I have an audio loop which I slice to a new EXS. This gives me about 25 or so new samples loaded into the exs. That is fine, what I would like however is for each of those 25 mapped keys to loop when I hold them down.


If I click the loop checkbox in the exs edit page, I need to manually adjust each start/end point in order to set this up. Is there a way to automate this?

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Do you want each sample to loop in its entirety, or are you talking about setting up sustain loop points?


If the former, you can select all zones and adjust them all at once, but if the latter, no there isn't. Redmatica's Keymap editor does have some nice features for finding sustain loops, however.

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I'd like each of the new samples to loop itself.


Lets say I have a wav file with notes a,b,c in it. I want to slice that to an exs and when I hold down my first key, it would play a looped "a". That is, the start of the sample, to the very beginning of the next "b" sample. Likewise, I would like "b" to loop from the start of the "b" sample, to the very beginning of the "c" sample.



Edit, I'm not concerned about seamless looping at this point, I'm aware I'll get the transient of each note playing each time it loops.

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