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arpegiator does something weird


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Need more info about what sounds you're using. All Logic, or 3rd party soft synths and/or external MIDI?


I'm having a nightmare with my Virus TI with regard to the arp. It loses sync all the time and spews out notes in a bunch. Drives me bloody nuts. Access say it's not their problem, even though they're trying to help. So I go round in circles looking for an answer.


If you find one to your problem that would interest me. Good luck.

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Sorry guys I thought I fixed my signature. My version is 8.


I should have pointed out that it's not any arp from my software, but it's the environment arp. It's usually pretty good, but this seems to be a new thing for me to deal with.


Sorry to hear your troubles jrm!

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So I realize I have had two problems with the arpegiator in Logic.


1) the arp would record a sustained note with the rest of the arpegiated line. I've fixed this. Turns out I doubled the midi signal in my environment such that when I activated my arp, this occured, but wouldn't happen w/out turning the arp on.


2) the arp starts to record after about one beat - I tried various things in my environment, nothing worked. I also tried a logic template with nothing weird in environment. Still records after a beat. I should point out that what happens is I'll press record hold some notes to arp, and then the arping happens after a beat.


So the first problem is fixed, but can someone tell me what their experience is with the arp? Is this specific to me or does everyone get this?




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