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Possible to freeze one short cue in a long session?


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I have a default session for this movie I'm scoring that has the first half of the movie loaded.


I'm doing a 2 minute cue that starts about 5:33 and goes to 7:15.


I need to freeze tracks as I go, but the freeze function wants to play th entire session whenever I attempt to freeze. I've never let it go all the way, it would take forever (well, over 10 min or so).


There are no other regions in this session, just the regions that pertain to this cue.


Logic won't let me move the start of the song (the slider at the top of the arrange window) to a later time, I suppose because the movie file starts at bar 3. It will let me drag the end slider earlier, even tho the movie goes to 57 min. So that helps a little.


I tried selecting all the regions, but that doesn't work.


Setting a cycle range does not work either.


Any way to set a start and end point for FREEZE?



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If you've got no regions, or automation, before your current cue, the following should work:


1. If you have the movie's dialogue as an audio track in the arrange page, get rid of the part that lies before the current cue.

2. Select all regions (CMD-A) and lock to SMPTE (CMD-PgDn).

3. Open the Automation Event List (CMD-Ctrl-E) and then the Automation Arrange Page (CMD-1).

4. Select all Automation regions (CMD-A) and lock to SMPTE (CMD-PgDn). (Close the Automation Event List and Arrange Page)

5. Place the Playhead at the start of a bar, a few bars before your cue starts.

6. Double-click the SMPTE readout in the transport and copy (CMD-C).

7. Open the Tempo List (T).

8. You should have a tempo event a bar 1. Double-click the SMPTE Position field and paste the SMPTE data you copied before (CMD-V).

9. Select all regions and unlock to SMPTE (CMD-PgUp) and do the same for automation regions too.


Your cue should now be starting a few bars from the beginning of the project, with all automation intact - and you can now freeze until your heart's content.


When you start your next cue, repeat the above process from step 5, so that you are always beginning from the project start.



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