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How do I set up an external MIDI device


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Hi - I'm using LP9 1.0.2 on a Mac Pro. Motif-Rack ES is connected by USB. Korg microKontrol also USB.


I've downloaded and installed the latest Motif ES drivers.


When I create a new External MIDI channel and I'm able to select channels in the Library browser in LP. All MIDI data is recorded and is triggering the Motif right, because phones straight into the Motif are fine.


BUT I can't hear the recording. The MIDI notes are there, but no sound.


Is the USB enough or do I need to connect midi cables, too?


I've used the Inspector to vary all of the port/channel options but the sound isn't played on that channel.


Everything else records fine - audio tracks, internal software instrument tracks are all great.


Thanks for your help!

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