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problem with nomad factory plugins with high sample rates


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Now im user of nomad factory. but i had some problem with nomad with various sample rate. it occured almost all of nomad plugin relate with frequency rage. (ex. Eq, side chained comp, multi comp, multi maximiser)


At the first time i work on 44.1kHz sample rate. it works correct with 44.1kHz. But when i using the plugin with same setting for plugin(ex. 1kHz boost) in 96kHz sound like 2kHz boosted. yeh centered frequency had shifted.. not only 96kHz all of nother sample rate has same.


boost 1kHz then the sound what i can heared is following

(i'd check with analyzer and correct worked nother EQ)

44.1 : its ok, 1kHz boosted

48 : sound like 1.09kHz boosted (just a little shifted)

88 : sound like 2kHz boosted

96 : sound like 2.2kHz boosted


i'd reinstall logic, osx, change the audio interface and lots of things id tried. But always same problem occured. Its really make me crazy now.


is anybody know, how to solve this? or somebody suffered from same problem? plz help me~


tested system information

pc : macbook white 4.1

osx : 10.6.2

audio interface : UGM96(egosys), saffire pro 26io(focusrite), internal(macbook)

logic : 9.0.2

plugin : nomad factory integral studio pack, producer pack2,

compared with internal eq(logic's eq)



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