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Been using Virus TI Virus Control recently, which has meant venturing into new automation territory for me. Specifically I've had to start getting used to sub-channels within the multi instrument, instead of what I've been used to which is automating without needing to think about the different channels.


I often want to copy a region which was made on ch1 of the TI and copy it say to ch2. If it has automation data on the first track and it copies to the second track, ch2 will now have automation data for ch1. If I then go back to the track for ch1 and automate the same parameter as I did before (which now exists on the next track), I've noticed that the parameter jumps all over the place as TI's ch1 reads both data streams at once.


Is there any way to make Logic, when it copies automation data from track to track, adopt the channel of the destination track? That way I would avoid unwanted jumps in parameter values. Also if it's say F1 cutoff for one sound it might be useful as F1 cutoff for the destination sound. But F1 cutoff for the first sound on the track for the second sound is a mess.

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