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Logic/midi-keyboard plays wrong notes!


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The last few weeks my logic pro 9 has started to behave very weird when I play a software instrument. When I play, there are often other sounds occuring in the original sound (but in no regular pattern) and the sound often "explodes" - as a strong feedback. The mysterious sounds/notes appears "on top" of the original desired ones. I use no external plugins.


I've tried initializing preferences, crossed-checked the equipment (toneport UX2 and Akai Mpk49 - both linked to my Imac by USB-cables), and it appears than none of these things are out of function. Is it Logic? My Mac?!


It has happened very suddenly, and I can not immediately find any reason. I hope that one of you experts can! It's freakin me out!


Thanks !

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Hi David, thanks for the reply.


Unfortunately I've already tried that among other combinations between Akai mpk, "CapsLock-keyboard", internal and external output. None of it seems to solve the problem, and that's why I think that it's either Logic Pro or the Mac that cause the problem. But, what to do?

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