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EXS 24 question


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Hi Everyone.


im hoping someone will be able to help me with a question i have about the EXS24 sampler, which i am trying to learn about at the moment.


OK, so i have read and watched some tutorials, and from that i have set up an EXS24 sampler. I have imported some sample sounds over 2 octaves. The first octave being a kick drum a few H Hats and a snare etc. Over the 2nd octave I have some percussion style effects. Not many as I am using this as a learning experience rather than trying to write a piece of music.

I have then grouped my zones into 2 groups Drums and Perc FX......so thats all good. :-)

Then in my arrange window set up a small loop playing the kick and some of the percussion and FX samples i have loaded.

What i have noticed is that if for example i wanted to adjust a parameter say in this instance the cut off freq of the kick the same adjustment of the cut off also affects the rest of the samples i have loaded. Is there any way of being able to only affect the one sample and that not affect the rest of the samples

I have playing??


This maybe something simple i have missed or it maybe more advanced use of the exs..im really not sure. I have gone over all my tutorials to try and find the answer and looked on u tube etc, but I cant see anything that answers my question.

I had hope it worked the same way as ultrabeat in that each voice has its own GUI which allows individual tweaks to be made.....but i was wrong.


Anyway, Thanks for your time and i hope some one has an answer for me.



:D :D

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While the EXS does offer filter and env offsets on a per group basis, that's probably not what you want. But since you have the set saved as an EXS file, open Ultrabeat and use the Import function. Navigate to the EXS file and load it. You can then drag the voices over to UB's keypads and edit each voice from there.
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Several ways to get there, each has its own effect on the output. I like the UltraBeat example above, but I do think EXS24 has some advantages as well so here's my input:


To begin with, when mixing drum kits it's common to use multiple mixer channels to process & eq your drum inputs (microphones or in this case sampler) in groups before combining them to a single output 'drum bus'. To achieve this you'd use the EXS24 in its "Multi Output" mode, and again there are several ways to go about this (depending on whether you prefer to center your workflow for 'building' your project on the arrange and the mixer, or the environment.) Figuring out how to use multiple output instruments in Logic is a whole other subject, for which there's plenty of coverage online (

, apple support, etc.)


Most will cover how to assign 'zones' in the EXS instrument editor to outputs, though the UI has changed a bit in each version there is an "Output" section (in Logic9 you need to View>Zone:Mixer on the 'Zones' page.)


Disable your filter & set all zones to "one-shot" mode (also on each zone in the editor) and should be able to setup a basic drum sequence.


When you start to want to envelope sounds within the same EXS24 instance, or use the Filter across the whole 'drum mix' from within EXS24 itself then you need to use groups and use the offsets (Envelope 1 Offsets, Envelope2/Amp Offsets & Filter Offsets.) These will allow you to 'offset' the values input from the EXS24's mod matrix settings. Groups also take over the 'output' assignment, simplifying your sample management tasks, allow for limiting the number of voices per group, and a number of other useful tasks (limiting voices to 1 and putting open & closed pedal hat voices in the same group is a old sampler trick for instance.)


There are also times where you will want to use separate instances of EXS24. It's going to depend on the results you're after and how you think of your virtual instrumentation...

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Thanks for the help guys. it sounds like I have several different options to try here.

Using Ultrabeat was something I had not thought of as an option. However, wouldnt this defeat the purpose of using the EXS in the first place??. I suppose it is hear nor there really as long as the desired result is achieved. I clearly have a lot to learn. :D


I will certainly experiment with all the options and solutions you have suggested, so again thanks for the advise and the tips.



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Using Ultrabeat was something I had not thought of as an option. However, wouldnt this defeat the purpose of using the EXS in the first place??.

Not really. EXS is great for organizing your sample library and when you want to piece together a drum kit. Saving all your best snare samples to one big EXS patch is a great way to audition different snares in context with a song. Just transpose your snare track as you play back for a different sound. Same with kicks, hats, etc. Making up these sample banks is a good "sick day" activity, btw. Don't hesitate to use an EXS instance for each piece of kit, as Valis suggests, too.


Also, and most important, you can create multi-velocity drum sample layers in EXS. It is not possible to construct these in Ultrabeat, however, once constructed in EXS you can import that voice into UB and those velocity layers come along with it. So all around it's best to work with your samples in EXS, even if you plan on ultimately using ultrabeat.

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ahh ok, thanks fader8. These are the sorts of things i need to be knowing.


i do have one more query for moment if someone doesnt mind answering it for me.

You'll have to forgive me if some of the question i ask sound simple. I find for me its best to ask if i dont know something as the people who do know will give me a more real world type answer than say maybe a manual would.


OK here goes :D I have a second instance of the EXS set up. This time with bass samples taken from the ESM loaded in that a friend kindly gave me.

I wanted to tweek the release of the notes being played but found i got no response from this feature of the EXS. A D & S all seem to be adjustable parameters but not R. I wondered if it was due to the length of the note originally sampled from the ESM i.e it was a short stab of each note that was recorded or bounced?? Is my thinking correct here??


I have had before a single bass note loaded into the EXS and pitched across the keys and i seemed to be able to adjust the release on that fine. As you can tell my technical knowledge isnt great but this is the sort of stuff i need to know about and the reasons behind it. I hope my question and explanations make sense.



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