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Arrpegiator for external audio instruments (like guitar)

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Is there a software for Logic that allows me to plug guitars/bass/ drum high hats etc into logic but it arrpegiates that sound Similar to FM8 by native instruments?


I've looked at logic's in built ones and can't seem to attach it to my guitar when playing it!


Is there anything that does this>?


Many Thanks


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If it's a non-MIDI source like the audio signal from your guitar, you'd need something that's a pitch shifter, but one that's changing the pitch-shift amount rhythmically.


You could probably do this with the included Logic pitch shift plug in + automation, assuming the pitch-shift amount is an automatable parameter, or (what I'd probably do is) make a Delay Designer preset to approximate it (in which, for example, you hit a note on the guitar at the start of a measure, and the resulting delays are pitch-shifted to different notes to make an "arpeggio" to fill out the rest of the measure).

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Thats a good idea but trouble is the arpeggio wouldn't always be the same and plus a bit tedious to change it if you want to. Great think is with native instruments FM8 is its a click to change the timing pitch key etc etc.


Hmm you'd think this would've been done :S

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but FM8 is midi.


its something entirely different when you're doing it to pure audio and its alot more difficult.


The only thing i can think of is automating the pitch shifter or using the delay designer as allready mentioned.


Other than that the only thing would be sampling the guitar which probably isnt what you want. or buy a midi pickup and then play.... ermm samples. 'realstrat' maybe?


what you want to do is a little bit.... silly and maybe too much to expect?

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hmm I have a midi pickup.


Ill find away every things possible! And nothing is "Silly" in the music world that's what makes music individual and also you don't know what I'm trying to achieve. I also believe Logic can do what I want as its a great program and only you yourself stop it doing what you want it to lol


any cheers!


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