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Logic Upgrade question and apogee duet question

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I run Logic 7.2 on a Macbook Pro 10.4.11, 1.83 GHz Intel, 2GB RAM. The computer is pretty moody and i'm looking to upgrade my mac to a iMac 3.06 GHz 4GB etc etc etc. I have a couple questions - please answer any you can!


1. can i upgrade logic pro 7.2 to logic 9 on the imac by just inserting the dongle on new iMac - no need to install 7.2


2. if i upgrade on the iMac can i then install the upgrade on my existing Mac Book pro or would i need to upgrade to Leopard or would the Logic upgrade be only allowed on one computer


3. if i install 7.2 and/or use the dongle on new iMac for the upgrade, can i then still run 7.2 on my macbookpro or would logic only be allowed to be run on one Mac.


3. if i managed to upgrade to 9 on the macbook pro would plenty of my old plugins not work - some of which are free if you know what i mean.


4. i use external firewire hard drive on macbookpro and would probably continue to use external for iMac, but apogee duet i am just buying uses firewire (previous MAudio audio interface was USB) - so - with only one firewire port on iMac i'd need to use a Belkin or something firewire hub, or use a USB external hardrive. Which of these is the better plan, or are neither a good idea.


all these questions...




tom :?

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