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Snow leopard upgrade causing problems


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I am on MBP 10.5.8 and I have Logic Pro 8.0.2. I want to upgrade to SL and know that they have released 10.6.2 today, and want to find out from any of you, have any of you had problems with Logic Pro 8 working with SL?

I have been reading quite a few articles and reports on the webs about freezes, and not being able to quit and various problems. And most people talk about upgrading to Logic Pro 9 instead. But I would like to find out does Logic Pro 9 work perfectly with SL??

I'm perfectly happy with my Logic pro 8 so would only upgrade if it has too many glitches with SL. And if any of you upgrade in next day or two to 10.6.2, if you could tell me if that has ironed out any of the glitches with SL.


I am in the middle of a few different film scores and am so nervous of installing SL and then have everything crash and cause me nightmares. So want to find out as much as possible before risking it.


Would appreciate ANY advice out there :)


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I am running SL 10.6.2 with Logic 9.02 Mac Pro 2.8 8 core 10gb


All running fine until i use melodyne editor beta plugin


then random crashes


8.02 runs every bit as well


I have not lost anything yet and use this setup all day in a commercial studio


Hope this helps remember you need to do a time machine backup of everything to restore back to Leopard if you need to.

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