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Adjusting pitch bend settings - making it more sensitive?

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Greetings all


I have a MIDI track imported in from Guitar Pro with a pitch bend that hasnt quite duplicated properly in Logic. It doesn't bend sharply enough. it's short by a few semitones; i've pushed the value as far as it'll go on the hyper editor's pitch bend, and it's still short.


Here's my question; is there a way to change the pitch bend settings In Logic so that it's more sensitive; and i can bend further?


I have searched the forums and looked at Logic's MIDI settings, and by tinkering with the hyper editor. Havn't made any improvements though :)




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Pitch bend data is pitch bend data is pitch bend data. It doesn't matter which controller or software generates or receives it. It is not "adjustable".


What you can adjust is how the instrument that receives that data interprets it. So look for a "pitch range" or "bend range" parameter in the instrument that's being sent the pitch bend data.

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back on this topic,

I used the trance lead on ES2 Synth

I set the pitch bend from 0 to 63 within 8 bars

it rises but very slowly going roughly from C4 to E4,

I'd like to take it to C5 and even higher


I checked the mono mode pitch range as you said, set it at 0semi 24semi 48semi nothing moved...


any help???

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