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Recording in Mono or Stereo?

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i'm trying to learn how to record audio on Logic and the instruction book I have says to make a record-enabled mono audio track.


This confused me because I'm so used to doing stereo tracks. I didn't even know people did mono.


Also, I have a fast track audio pro, and I could only hear my voice in one of my headphones, until I pressed the switch that turned it to mono. Before it was in stereo and I could only hear it on one headphone. I figure this is because I had a mono audio track set up and was listening back to it on stereo.


I was wondering what is the difference between mono and stereo? Why should I make my audio recordings mono tracks when pretty much all of my instruments I use to make beats are stereo?


Thanks a ton!

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All depends of the natural quality of the instrument and how much space in the mix you want that sound to take up.


Drum Hits - Mono

Drum Kit - Stereo

Bass - Mono

Loops - Stereo

Piano - Stereo

Vocals - Either

Keyboards: Either depend of the sound ( i.e synth Trumpet mono, brass section stereo)

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