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How to Sync Logic with Nuendo with 2 Computers


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I have a Mac Pro running Logic 8 with Fireface 400 (RME)

and a PC running Nuendo / Cubase SX / Reason 4 / Ableton Live

with Audiolink 96 Hammerfall HDSP.


I want to Sync 2 Computers with The Logic as Master and the PC as slave.

I want midi, audio and time bar to be sync and record everything in Logic.


Can you please help me?


i have connect the RME fireface 400 midi out to midi in Hammerfall and spdif coaxial

from PC to Mac Pro audio interfaces.

and the time bar is out of time.





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What I did was use logic as sequencer and nuendo as a sound module. The way I did this was with midi interface between the two computers and use external instrument channel strips in Logic to send midi to Nuendo and send audio out of nuendo into Logic audio channels. Then all I had to do was setup the instruments in nuendo that I wanted but didn't have to worry about syncing at all.


BUT, I soon realised that since my main motivation in moving to a Mac (and logic) was to simplify and not have to maintain a pc anymore that this was counterproductive. I would like to have some of the plugins that I had for Nuendo in logic but I will wait til I have the dough to buy them for Logic.

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