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ESX24 Sample Patch Locations - What am I doing wrong


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When I bring up the ESX24 in Kogic I can only see my custom pachtes, not the factory installed ones. I did check the locations and here is what I dont undertstand.


I basically have two locations on my system where on one:


the factory patches are stored (programs/libary/applicationsupport/logic/samplerinstruments)


and my on custom stuff is stored (user/libary/applicationsupport/logic/samplerinstruments)


I dont get this as I am new to OSX and Logic. WHy do I have two paths with the same file structure, one starting from my programs folder and one from the users folder.


Where can/should I store my factroy sample patches and my custom ones?

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There should not be a library in the programs folder. Correct path for factory presets should be: libary/applicationsupport/logic/Sampler Instruments, and not in the user library, as it is for your "custom" presets. Make sure factory samples are in libary/applicationsupport/logic/EXS Factory Samples, also in this case not the user library.
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