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What is best way to export to Avid?


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Hi Folks, I am quite new to all this, so please take pity on my very elementary questions!


I am doing a first project in Logic, and a first movie soundtrack, and the editors are working in Avid. I'll be sending them about twenty-five separate cues, stereo not surround, and not anything synched to video. My question is, is there an industry standard form I should send it to them in? And will I have access to that as an export choice in Logic, with no other steps? And I simply burn it to disc?


thanks so much!



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I am a total neophyte - and do I check: "include audio," & "Convert interleaved to split stereo"? (selected for me already in the window)


And Dither type: "Apogee UV22HR"? (selected for me already in the window)


POW-r #1 (Dithering)

POW-r #2 (Noise shaping)

POW-r #3 (Noise shaping)


thanks so very much - this will keep me from scaring them right off the bat!



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From the manual:


"Include audio: Turn this on to integrate all exported audio files into the OMF file itself.

This can result in a very large file, and can make file export times lengthy. Deselect this

checkbox to only write file references to the OMF file. "


...Since you're sending the OMF to someone working in their own system, you should leave this option checked.


The "Convert interleaved to split stereo" ....depends on the video editing program: If Avid does not support interleaved stereo, you should leave this checked. Ask your video editors....or look around for the info.


Dithering should only be used if you're working with 24bit audio and the video editors want the audio in 16bit.


Also, don't forget to set your project's sample rate to 48kHz. This is the standard sample rate for video.



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