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Medical Marijuana my ass, Stay off the road


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Yep, I'm that guy. I'm driveing slow cause I got tired of hitting deer in the dark. By going slow you can get around me easier. I know you want me to pull over for ya but I think it would be appropreate for you to grow a pair and pass me. I like the beats your posted, kinda Neil Youngisht, without the melody.
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Thanks man,

Honestly, I watched one of Steve Horlick's videos "Flex Time Editing" off the Macprovideo.com site. The last chapter, section 6 titled Experimentation was the catalyst for the whole thing. Looking back, I know so much more now after studying David's book, now up to chapter 6, and watching more tutorials, I see myself redoing that track and getting what I really want from it sometime in the future.


Steve showed 20 tracks stretched to kingdom come. I got some major creative inspiration off that and dove right in making that little clip.


So kudos to Steve H from Victor Mason, A.K.A. Chief Talk-A-Lot




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