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Mackie Control and multi-timbral instruments


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Hi there


Can anyone give me any pointers as to how I can get my MCU (not Pro) to map each of the sub-channels of a multi-timbral VI across the faders? If I go to "Single" mode in the mixer and click on each sub-channel in the arrange page it displays it on the left-most fader on the MCU, but the rest of them show nothing. I really want to find a way to show say ch 1-8 of an instrument across the faders, so I can automate plugin parameters.


Many thanks


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Yes the plugin parameters are all there, it's not the plugin that's the problem, it's the same for any VI. I'm just trying to get the MCU to display the sub-channels of the VI across the board, as they are listed vertically down the arrange page. On each of my sub-channels going down the arrange page I have the corresponding VE Pro fader plugin parameter for that channel visible, so I can automate in the same track as the MIDI notes. I just want to be able to assign each MCU fader to show:


Inst 1 MIDI Ch1 - plugin parameter for Ch1 fader

Inst 1 MIDI Ch2 - plugin parameter for Ch2 fader



Maybe it's not possible?!


Many thanks for your help



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