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Midi communication problem logic 8 snow leopard


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Hi everybody

I recently switched to snow leopard and - oops, the problems started :


1 when launching logic from a template, it does not recognize my 128 ( it´s ports, to be exact ). Funny enough, I can still adress all my external midi gear and the ports show up in the environment, but when I try to open the preset window of my multis ( external ) the window just flashes for a second and then disappears completely, making it impossible to access any preset this way. If the window stays open ( it does from time to time ), whenever I click on any name in the list, logic unexpectedly quits.


2. my controle surfaces ( Tascam DM 3200 as Mackie controle ) are gone whenever I launch logic. No matter I set everything up and saved the last time.


3. Can´t quit logic 8. I have to close all the windows first (apple/w won´t do ) or otherwise I have to force quit. I know this is a known issue but nevertheless...


I have all the latest midi drivers etc. installed. Those things didn´t happen under 10.5 and also do not happen with logic 7 under 10.6

I´m back to 10.5 for now ( did a clone of my HD before I updated ) but would like to have 10.6 running.If nothing else, wireless conection via airport was much better here.

- For the purists here : no, I didn´t do a clean sweep. Just put 10.6 over the existing 10.5 -

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