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Internal Hard Drive Partiton For Logic


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Yes, im planning on partitioning the 250 gb hard drive thats in the macbook pro and im not installing a new internal hd


Before you partition, ask yourself why you need another partition? For booting from different MacOSX releases? You don't get a more secure hard disk, if it crashes it crashes, same with file system corruption.

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im just going to leave the file as it is but for 3rd party plugin im just gonna buy a sata 500 gb hd and get a case enclosure and put my au plugin in there.

Do you mean 3rd party sample libraries? That would be fine. But if you mean the plug-ins themselves, they're applications, which are small files but belong on the system drive.


yo david,


i pre order your a book, apple pro training logic pro 9 from peachpit.com a while back. Cant wait to get it!

Hope you love it! I hear people started to receive their orders so it shouldn't be much longer til you get your copy.

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