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Moving Take Folders


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I'm using take folders to record vocals.


Let's say I have 3 takes and since I want to layer my vocals, I would like to keep one of these takes in its current region and move the 2nd take to a new track, that way now I have 2 takes that were originally in the same take folder, now in 2 different tracks.


I made a new audio track and tried option-moving all the take folders into a new track but it wouldn't slide in. Strangely, it instead slid into a different already existing take folder. For some reason it would layer the take folder I was trying to move over the one that already existed.


So I got around the problem by clicking on the take folder that was already there, making a new region for the same track and then was able to option-move my take folder into the this region.


I'm just wondering why can't I option-move the take folder to a completely new audio track?

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