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Amplitube Metal - Sound mutes when plugin is enabled


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Hi everybody! I'm currently working on a rock/ metal project and the Amplitube Metal sounds great, BUT I have a strange problem... When I re-open my project some of the guitars are not playing back, if I bypass the Amplitube plugin the sound comes back. Then I tried something strange, I desided that in stead of putting the Amplitube on the same plungin position on all gitar tracks, I used the first plugin pos for guitar 1, the second on guitar 2 and so forth. This seems to help a bit, but this gave me a really cluttery mixer... You often find yourself using 10 or more guitartracks and then there is eq and compressors... Anyone else experiencing this?


My Gear:

MBP 15" 2.8GHz w/4GB RAM

Logic 9.0.2

M-Audio Profire 2626

Amplitube Metal 1.0.3

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