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Working With Sound Libraries

Alexander Arntzen

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Hello There,


My name is Alexander Arntzen. I have a new Macbook with 4GB of memory and a 2.66 GHz Interl Core 2 Duo.


I'm currently using 3 seagate external drives for video, audio, and back up on my film scoring projects. They are all "Daisy-Chained" together into one FireWrie 800 port. There is only one 800 port on this computer.


I will be getting my first external sound library: EastWest. What is the best way to set it up with the system I have to ensure the best playback of the sounds with least delay and highest quality?


I was planning on getting another seagate drive to use for all my sound libraries as I continue to get more. Is this the right route to take, or are there other better options?


Thank you for reading this. I look forward to your response.

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Hi Alexander,

I have a separate drive which houses my Libraries. I mostly did this because of the size some of third party Libraries can be pretty huge. My internal drive is 160gb which has now only about 40gb free so initially what seemed like an ample sized drive when I bought it a few years back now doesn't seem so big!!

Anyway I have had no problems having it set up this way. Of course you could install them onto your internal drive if space is not the issue. But as far as latency is concerned I have no problem with that (touch wood).

Hope that helps. :)

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Keeping your samples on a separate drive from your system is recommended by most everyone.


If there's enough room on your backup drive, you could partition it for both uses. My samples drive has 2 partitions - a 20 gig partition has a system on it for emergencies or maintenance of the primary drive.


Are there any drawbacks to daisy chaining 4 drives on firewire 800?

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Yes, if you use FW800 it should be fine, sometimes the system kicks in and runs io traffic from the external drive to load in samples but me thinks it should be a bigger bottleneck. Having not enough disk space on the boot drive could cause performance problems.


Besides, it's more convenient to have all huge sample libraries on a dedicated hard disk that could be moved from system to system.

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