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disk too slow or system overload. (-10008) [SOLVED]


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Hope this helps someone ........ I have moved from logic 7 to L9 and upon making my default load track I looked at the options for saving a song and decided that as I work "inside the box" there was no need to duplicate any files in the project folder taking up further disk space




after a while working on the song I began being plagued by "disk too slow or system overload. (-10008)" messages, I tried 100 and 1 stupid things to resolve this but could not get the track to play for longer than 10 min's without error ....


I had removed all plugins still no luck, I copied the audio to a new song still no luck, I tried a fresh install and just logic on my backup drive AND STILL NO LUCK

insert smiley of crying man

(I must apologise to David the certified trainer as at this point I was a bit snippy and unhelpful with him for which im sorry as he didn't deserve it and may have been able to spot the idiot error with more info)


Well turns out that I needed more info between importing audio in L7 and L9, looks like I should have checked the options


"Convert external audio files to project folder"


"convert audio sample rate when importing"


as I found I had an mp3 and a 24 bit WAV in the audio bin.

I'm not sure about L8 but it was impossible to have an mp3 in Logic7 so I never even considered this as an option, after converting these files to 16 bit aiff's the same track played for over an hour until I stopped it with no error.


What I need now is info regarding what this setting does when you import audio in logic 9 ?



1.) will it auto convert mp3's to aiff's if I check the boxes below ?

"Convert external audio files to project folder"

"convert audio sample rate when importing"

1.b) will it also convert Bit rate

1.c) does it matter if I import audio or drag and drop from finder ?


2.) will this copy all audio in the song to the project folder ?


3.) is there any way to have it auto convert without copying all used samples to the project folder so I can save disk space ?


4.) I can see how constantly converting the mp3 while playing would be a big task as it was a snare so it was loaded twice a bar, what I'm wondering about is the other sample, I dont remember any issue with bit rate before ....... is sample rate AND bit rate going to cause issues if all samples are not the same can you explain what differences this will make visa versa


5.) If bit rates all need to be the same can you get logic to auto convert this as well as I can't find any option for auto convert bit rate on import ?


Sorry to drone on and hope this save someone with disk too slow errors a lot of time trouble shooting



Mac Pro 8 core 3ghz internal sound card

12 gb RAM

2.5 terabytes HDD

OSX 10.5.8

Logic 9.0.2

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