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wmv-clip, unknown framerate - suggested workflow


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I need to score a .wmv-movieclip of unknown framerate. The people I'm working for are terrible at technicalities such as filetypes and so on. So this is what I have to work with. The reason I work for these people is, that their artistic level is very high - they make some horrifyingly strange 3d-worlds, I very much like score around!


I want to take the clip to something uncompressed for the Logic production.


If I use Compressor - I get a Flip4Mac-demo watermark across the movie.

If I use Handbrake I get compressed video.


What would you do?

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Thanks for the quick reply.


I should have mentioned, that I had tried, but couldn't get the QuickTime-thing to work. First I tried QuickTIme 10.0 - but it hasn't got the same export options. Then I installed QuickTime 7.6.3 - but the Save As / Export option was greyed out here.


I just found out that I'd just have to wait till the whole movie was loaded in QuickTIme 7 - then I could Save As... :-)


The BPS in the info-window is behaving strange. During load it says:

BPS: 14.93


When loaded:


BPS: 22.98


Why this difference?

What to trust in?

And how to make Logic go under 24 fps?


Please help!

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