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No sound on recorded CDs [SOLVED]

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Can anyone help please?

I have successfully burned a recording of my finished project to a CD-RW to test it, yet it will not play at all in any CD player. It only plays through itunes (and itunes also gives it a different name!)

Where am I going wrong?

The settings I have been using at the Bounce stage are as follows :

Destination : Burn:CDDA (checked) -all other destinations are unchecked

Mode: Realtime is checked

Normalize is Un-checked

Simulate write only: Un-checked

Write as multi-session: Un-checked

Speed: Maximum

Dithering: None

I haven't tried recording it to a normal CD yet, as I don't want to waste them.

Any ideas?


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most consumer cd players will not play cd-rw's. try a cd, they're incredibly inexpensive these days!


also...itunes is reading from an internet database, and trying to match your cd to their information, it has nothing to do with your music.


you can go to here: http://www.gracenote.com/

and register your music, so that when people put your cd into itunes, the correct titles come up.

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