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Would like to edit a MIDI instrument but don't know how


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I am hoping that this is a simple thing to do but if not I am prepared to learn whatever I have to. Searching seems to bring back a ton of MIDI hardware questions but nothing so basic.


I'm trying to understand how to edit an instrument at it's base rather than applying an effect or some affter the fact processing.


For instance, I have a basic Accordian midi instrument that I would like to completely reverse. It has a recognizable intro and outtro noise of keyboard press and release so reversing would be noticable.


I have heard other artists talk of not liking the sound of something and programming their own sound to get it just right.


Thanks for anything you can tell me!



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That would depend on the type of software instrument you are dealing with. If it is a sampler instrument, you would go into the actual samples to do the editing (reversing the sample, etc). If it is a virtual synth, changing the instrument would depend on the changeable parameters of that particular synth (the controls on it). If you can be more specific as to what instrument your dealing with and where it is located, it's easier to answer your question.

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