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Contiguous multi-sample import to EXS not chromatic


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I'm attempting to create a drum instrument, but the EXS multi-sample import is not working properly. I'm importing about 34 samples, mapped as contiguous zones at a width of one note per zone, starting on C1.


Upon import, each individual zone has been mapped across the entire keyboard (C-2 to G8, not chromatically but as a range), with each subsequent zone mapped the same in a cascading series of velocity layers. It's like it does the total inverse of what I intend to do, as well as what the Logic Studio manual explicitly describes when creating multiple zones within a contiguous map...


The only workaround I've found, is to import the samples using "drums" mapping, and manually pull each zone to it's desired note. These are just mp3 files, so no root key info is present, and "drum" mapping just stacks all the samples on whatever starting note was specified.


This should be the most basic multi-sample import that I've done a thousand times before in other samplers. I'm not sure why this isn't working...


I'm using Logic Pro 9.0.2 on a 2x2 Ghz Mac Pro running OS 10.6.1.

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Here's a repost from the other thread re: a workaround solution:


Hey folks,


If you haven't seen already, there is a small workaround to this problem. dyc1000 was kind enough to post a vid on YouTube explaining it:



Basically, drag your samples from the finder into the editor - but drag them to a specific key on the keyboard display. The proper contiguous zone menu will then pop up, and they'll load chromatically.

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