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Micing Bass and Direct Bass same time?

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Normally you'd plug the bass into the DI, then the DI should have either a "Link" or "Parallel" output which will be an uneffected output to send to the bass amp. So plug the bass into the DI, then a jack out of the DI into the amp, and an xlr out of the DI to your recorder, and of course a mic from the amp to the recorder as well.
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Both the sansamps xlr and jack output are effected when the pedal is switched on. So you decide if you want that effect or not, if it's not on then you will get a straight DI sound. If you use the parallel output you bypass the effect completely. It's a matter of choice and reading the manual which came with the device to find this sort of stuff out.

If you're using the xlr output to record from you should plug it into the mic input of your pre amp rather than the DI as the box itself IS a DI. depending on which sansamps it is you may have level switches for all the various outputs to choose intrument or line level again you need to decide on this depending on your exact setup. I can't really tell you how to do ALL of this stuff as I can't see what you're doing.

Best of luck

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On some sansamps there are switches to select the level of the output, so you can choose Line level for the XLR. Without knowing whether yours has this, it's hard to tell. The difference here is simply volume, so I'd plug it into the mic input and see if the level is good, if it's ok then fine, if not try the line input. You're not going to damage anything.

Trust your ears.

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