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Import Audio from Movie not in sync


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I just tried Import Audio from Movie with a cue that's near the end of the film. Movie audio is captured and imported and placed in an audio track in the sequence. The waveform is showing a lock icon as well. However, the movie starts at the beginning of the film, instead of starting in sync with the movie. What can I do to have the imported movie sync with the movie when doing this procedure?
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I'm guessing that you've got a good portion of your movie before your project start. If that's the case then the problem is that Logic can't place a region more than about 8 bars before the project start, so when you import the movie's audio, Logic can't deal with it properly .


One solution would be to delete all but the last part of the region, move the anchor to the region end, put the playhead at the last frame of the movie, spot the region with the Pickup Clock key command and then drag out the beginning of the region to the start of the project.


Another would be to sync bar 1 to the start of the movie file, import the audio, cut and delete the region roughly up to the point where you want to start scoring and then re-sync bar 1 to that smpte position too.


Hope that works for you.



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