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Looking for Free Web Space to Upload Big Sized Images


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I'm looking for free web space that doesn't resize my big images to a smaller size like Flickr and Photobucket.


I need it to upload background images for my sites like MySpace and Soundclick. I've found one web server that is free and that works well but unfortunately it's too slow and has lags. It just takes too long until the image shows up, it used to be way better.



Thanks in advance.

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^^^I tried to upload an image without signing up, it gives me no option of a direct link, I only can look at the images on such pre-made pages by Mediafire for "sharing", but I need a direct link so I can put those images as a background image on my sites as I stated in my post.


Anyway I've already found a service that got recommended by a friend, imageshack works good for these kinda things.


Thanks anyway.

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