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Using audio in to record


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Does anyone here use the audio port to record?


Does it work like a normal line in? Can I take a signal from say a cassette deck and go in with the mini cable?


I checked the manual and it shows changing the port for an audio out to an audio in. I know this would work for a mic with a preamp, but what about coming out of my synth using stereo 1/4" to mini stereo into the audio port?


I do this with my laptop that has a line in.



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It shows in the manual being able to change the audio out/headphone port/jack from an out to an in.


Not sure what you mean by that - obviously an out port is an out port, and an in port is an in port - you can't change one for another. But if your computer has an audio in port, then you can choose it as the audio input in Logic's audio preferences, yes: set "Input Device" or "driver" to "built-in input".

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OK David,


Here's what the MacBook manual says on page 25:


"Audio out port

Connect external speakers, headphones (including iPhone), or digital audio equipment.

To use a line-level microphone or analog audio equipment, specify audio line in

functionality using Sound preferences. For more information, see page 56."



on page 45:


"If an audio device plugged into the audio port isn’t working

Unplug the audio device. Choose Apple () > System Preferences, and open Sound

preferences. In the Input pane, specify whether you want the port to be used for Sound

Input or Sound Output. Plug the audio device back in.

Note: If you’re running Windows on your MacBook, the port supports only audio



So...my big question is, if I plug my synth into this port, select "INPUT" from the Sound preferences, will that work to record my synth or any other line in type equipment? And, how good is the sound of the internal sound card?


I want to be able to record into the MacBook a simple stereo in from my mixer at church. I do that now with my old Dell notebook and it works fine. It's not pro quality by any means, but it gives me a simple recording to listen to.


Hope this makes sense now.


I realise this is not the best way, but I'm limited on funds and the only MacBook I can afford is the new MacBook with 4 GB ram and the standard 250 GB drive. Later I want to add a nice USB audio interface, but for now, it's just the MacBook. I will address the audio interface in another thread.



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Yes, it is on all the new MacBooks, even the 13" MacBookPro.


For the time being, I will be recording only the music in the church service. We use an Edirol recorder to record the whole service but I want a mix just of the music so I can set levels where I sit. We don't have a good sound tech so it's up to me to do it.


I will upgrade at some point to get a nice audio interface.


My current Dell Desktop is using the EMU 1212m with a Joemeek Qthree to record vocals. It works great for that. But, I want a portable solution and I think it needs to be USB because the MacBook doesn't have a Firewire.

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Sounds like you have a MacBook with only one port which can be switched to either audio in or audio out? I had never heard of that before.


So if you use that port for audio in, how do you monitor what you're recording?


I just read about that in Macworld a couple of weeks ago... they ditched discrete in/out in favor of a "universal" jack on the new white MB's. Oh, that wacky Steve Jobs. :roll:


Is there maybe an adaptor from Belkin or someone that gives you simultaneous in and out, or is it really just switched? Was thinking of getting one of these for the wifey.

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I used to use the line in port, by using rca cables (red and white) out of the tape out function on my crappy behringer mixer. It works fine. It sounds great for home recording. Generally, the line-in isn't a great idea if you are going for hi-fi... especially if your for example, plugging a guitar straight into it. Best to get a decent audio interface. M-audio has some pretty cheap interfaces.
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