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Sequencing during live performance


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Hello Everyone,


Okay - I'm almost brand new to DAW software - and sequencing in general. However, I've seen enough to know what is possible, but I don't know if I can do it from Logic or not.


I play keyboards in a 4 piece band, but there are times where I'd like to pre-record sequenced tracks for certain songs using instruments that none of our band members plays. For example, several songs we do have a fiddle, or a steel guitar, and we don't have anyone that plays either of those instruments. I'd like to include some pre-recorded sequences for the songs we do that include those instruments though. However, I need to control them so they come in at the right time during the song, and so forth. Our drummer plays on a set of Roland electronic drums, which are MIDI aware.


I guess my question is this - none of us are good enough to play to a fixed metronome click track - besides - we don't have the equipment to do that properly. Can I - in Logic or Mainstage - have the pre-recorded sequences start automatically in the right spot - depending on the shifting tempo of whatever our drummer is putting out? Can I use him as the MIDI clock to control the timing for everything? I play in another church band in which we have a set of analog drums, so is it possible to do this another way also?


I don't even know if this is possible - but any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I think we can do so much more if I can get my head around what Logic and Mainstage can really do.


Thank you from a Newbie



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