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Serious Bug? Files change length...


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In the last month I changed my recording system from PC to Mac.


I have a MacBook with Snow Leopard on which I installed Studio Logic.

I keep it updated and I checked on several forums without finding solutions.


Sometimes (totally random), when I open a project, a message appears:

"Audio files changed lenght", with a number of files.


When it appears, many tracks and takes (or all) in the projects changes position and lenghts.

They are mixed so you can find some takes of the beginning put in the end of the song and so on.


This is a huge problem because I have to cancel the project.

Even if I quit without saving and I re-open it the problem it's still the same.

The same if I open a backup made by Logic.


I had to cancel 4 projects for this problem. The last time fortunately I put a backup of the folder on another hard disk, so I cancel the entire folder and copied the backup.


Everything worked, but few days after the problem came out again.


I don't know how to solve it. It's really a difficult situation. I'm working on some productions and it's a huge problem if, in the middle of the production, I have to cancel and start from the beginning a project because the files changed lenght or some are missing.


Thank you, if someone can help me!


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Sorry to hear about this. Clearly this isn't normal behavior, but it's also not behavior that's reported with any frequency that I'm aware of. That being said, I think you have a problem with your system or possibly your hard drives and that it's not specifically "a Logic thing".


To help you out, let's start with you helping us... please read the Forum Guidelines, especially #5, where we ask that you put information about your system directly into your user profile. You will find the Forum Guidelines as a sticky post at the top of this forum. You will need to reply to this thread in order for that information to appear. After you've done that we can commence troubleshooting.

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Thank you very much to all.


I put in signature my mac infos.


However I used for this project a Verbatim 1 terabyte external hard drive.


As you suggested, now I'm trying to work on a Lacie, just to check if the problem it's for the hd.


Because it's really weird this behaviour. I don't have any crash, only this problem.


And the really strange thing is that, when I put the folder copied from the other hd, everything worked perfectly, and few days after, without any reason, the message appeared.

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Thanks for putting your info in your profile. But we still need more information...


1) what version of Logic are you running? (please put this info in your profile)

2) what kind of audio files are they -- WAV? AIFF? SD2?

3) did you record the files in Logic or did you import them into Logic some other source (if so, what was the source)?

4) are your drives Mac-formatted or PC-formatted?

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Hi Ski,


sorry for forgotting Logic version. I put in signature (it's 9.02).


1) Logic Pro 9.02 (added in signature)

2) Aiff

3) Recorded directly in Logic. All the files are takes from the project, and when the message appears they change and they are mixed together randomly.

4) Since now I used a Verbatim 1 terabyte hard disk with original format, so I think for Windows mainly...

Now I'm trying (from few hours) to work with a Lacie Disk that I re-inizialized as Mac OS (Journaled)... It was maybe better to re-inizialized in a different way?



Thank you very much for your support

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4) Since now I used a Verbatim 1 terabyte hard disk with original format, so I think for Windows mainly...

This is very, very likely where things went wrong. Needless to say, you should avoid doing that again!


Depending on which chunk in the header has gone wonky, sometimes opening the file in Quicktime or Soundtrack Pro and then re-saving it to a new location, will fix the problem by repairing the header in the process. But, if you can possibly get the Logic project opened without problems, then converting your regions to new audio files and trashing the old ones should work OK too.

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I agree with fader8 -- the PC format of the hard drive is the problem.


Start by getting another hard drive. It should be very easy to find Mac-formatted HD's, but if for some reason you can only get a PC-formatted disk, use Disk Utility to re-format it for Mac. Then, copy your original files to this drive (you said you did this before and your projects worked for a while).


Make a folder on the new drive called "Fixed Projects". Then, open each original project in Logic and re-save it (with assets) into this folder. I can't guarantee that you'll be able to open all of your old projects successfully, but it's worth a try.

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Ok, some news here :)


Now my situation with hard disks is:


1) Lacie 250gb MacOS (Journaled) formatted

2) Lacie 500gb with 2 partitions, one 250gb is for Time Machine, one 250gb is for Logic and Final Cut works.

3) Trekstore 1 terabyte, MacOS (Journaled) formatted



Basically I work on the 3), and I keep saving backups on 1) plus 2).


I recently worked on 3 new projects, without any problems.


The last one, that it's quite important and with difficult takes, I opened it today and the same message came out "Some files changed lenght and positions"...


Now, in this project basically I have several small takes that I put together...


The first part, that was the "mixed" and correct one (with the takes that I choose and put together) remained the same, so ok... I don't know if the problem was with the take that I discard and put in the end of the project...


However, anyone can tell me why this message come out?

I mean, normally why this message arrive?

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