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Record Button not visible in Arrange Window [SOLVED]


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About a month ago I purchased Logic 9 and installed it on my PPC Mac G5. I know that Apple does not support Logic 9 on a PPC, but several other guys on this Forum told me that they had installed Logic 9 on their PPCs without any problems, so I went ahead and installed it. I have had no problems until today.


When I opened up my project, I noticed that all the RECORD buttons on the audio tracks (the MIDI tracks were not affected) were no longer visible. There is only a space there where the button should be. I put my cursor arrow over the spot where the record button should have been and as I hovered over the spot it read "record ready". I then went to "VIEW" and clicked on "TRACK HEADER CONFIGURATION" and saw that the "Record Enable" checkbox was indeed selected. When I deselected the checkbox, the INPUT button on the channel strip moved to the right to occupy the space where the record button should have been. It seems that the button is activated, but is invisible. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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Hi David,


I am using an Apogee Ensemble as my audio interface. I did as you suggested and found that although the audio ouput was set to "Ensemble" in the audio preferences, the audio input was not. I don't understand how this happened since I had no problem a few days ago, but I selected Ensemble for the audio input then clicked "Apply" and the "record" buttons appeared in the channel strip. I'm all set now. Thanks very much. Greatly appreciated! :D

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