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Export all tracks, strange names.

Robert Höglund

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Im just about to mix our record and I export all the tracks to audio files for the mixing session. But i get a little confused, some of the tracks get names like "Audio 12" and so on. I guess it has something to do with audio channel and the "arrange channel". When I later on import these files to an empty project I have to rename all the tracks to get the right names in the mixer.


My question, is there a way to name the exported files with the "arrange channel" name so I don't have to edit the names manually? It's a pain in the a** to do.


:) Hope someone understand my lousy English.

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Hello Robert,


Maybe it's too late... and anyway this solution is not exactly what you're asking for... but...

I suppose all the song pretty much uses the same instruments...ie drums + bass + ...


So what you can do is to prepare an empty (no audio file) logic file in which you will name all the basic tracks that you're using in most of your song.


Save this file as a template.


Whenever you start a new project, create a new file based on this template, change the tempo, and import your audio files...


Hope it helps...

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