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Key commands for turning group show/ hide on and off?


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Hello all,


you know how you use a piece of software for years and you just get the job at hand done, and then one day you notice something that you haven't seen before, or maybe you saw it but you just didn't want to take the time to find out what it actually did, and you really never used it before so whatever it is I don't need it........


Well last night I have the group window open, and the little check boxes off to the right under the H (for hide ) I now know. I discovered this wonderful feature last night, I can actually show or hide groups!! I LOVE IT.


Question: is there a key command show/hide the groups?



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Yes, I noticed this the other day too, and I must admit it's a bit of a revelation! Perhaps it's new in version 9?


I've been grouping orchestral sections, with all options disabled in the Group Settings and then using the Group Hide check box to hide each section after recording it to audio. It helps keep things very organised.


But to answer your question, I don't know of any key commands for this. I keep the window, half hidden, at the bottom right of the screen. There is an Open Group Setting key command, though (Cmd-Opt-G).



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I hate to say it,


but the Memory locations in Pro Tools are really great. I was hoping that this group settings box would function somewhat the same.


In Pro Tools you set a memory locator for drums, and guitar and vocals, and then in the mem locator window, you just type . then the number of the locator then . again so if your guitars are locator#5 you would type .5. or period 5 period.


So I was hoping for something like that......

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