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Kontakt 4

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I'm think about buying Kontakt 4 before my qualifications for educational pricing end. I write film scores mainly and have EXS kirk hunter diamond and several eastwest PLAY libraries. I'm thinking buying kontakt would be a good idea but I'm not sold on the idea that I need it. Also would Komplete 6 be worth the additional $250? I found Kontakt 4 by itself for $210 total. Thanks
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Hard to give advise in that area. If u own some east west stuff, I'd ask myself what are u missing? Maybe increase ur eastwest range to 'komplete' your libs.


On the other hand: I like kontakt 4 quite a bit, it is a good allround sample lib, but it won't fill any gaps u might have in your eastwest range, on the same level.

I'd argue that the kontakt 4 libs is good, but due to the broad range it doesn't give the options as if you'd buy a subject specific sample lib.

(but of course kontakt 4 is not just a sample player, but a sampler)


Komplete in the end is worth getting, the synths are awesome, I love massive. Absynth and fm8 do a good job as well. And on top of that u get guitar rig4, which is a very good guitar plug in.


But it all depends what u need. For most parts of Komplete you can find full working demo versions. (of course not for the kontakt 4 lib).

Test and see. The sound quality of NI's stuff is quite good and is way ahead of logic's internal instruments (IMHO), but u need to evaluate if what they sell u, is something u'd actually use.

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